Fraxel® for New Jersey - Case 1

Fraxel<sup>®</sup> for New Jersey - Case 1 Frontal Before
Fraxel<sup>®</sup> for New Jersey - Case 1 Frontal After


Gender : Female
Age : 49

This patient is a 49-year-old professional in the field of education and counseling who was seeking a solution for what she has described as “dark patches” on her jawline and neck. She had used topical treatments for more than a year without any resolution or improvement.

During an office visit with Dr. Rachael Hartman, she learned that the brown patches were called melasma, a common skin problem, especially among women. Dr. Hartman’s suggested she schedule an appointment for Fraxel® treatment. Fraxel® in New Jersey uses patented fractional technology to target damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into the skin. The results are immediate and progressive, with the surface of skin feeling softer and smoother, looking brighter and showing a more even tone.

After three treatments, she reported: “I am no longer self conscious of the dark patches on my face. My skin is clear, and I can go without makeup on days I want to just run out of the house to do errand.”


-Real patient testimonial (*Individual patient results may vary)

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