Why Choose Us in New Jersey

At Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care, we strive to be the kind of practice we'd choose as patients. You can expect:

Specialized service. We offer comprehensive medical dermatology and skin cancer care from doctors with advanced training in the latest treatments.

Personal attention. We take the time to give each patient the individualized care and attention they deserve. You'll never be rushed through an appointment.

Beautiful results. Beautiful correction is the hallmark of our service. We focus on restorative, natural-looking cosmetic treatments, not exaggerated results. No duck lips or chipmunk cheeks here!


Honest feedback. We'll spell out all your treatment options, and we never push unnecessary products or procedures. Our doctors take the time to clearly and calmly explain diagnoses and treatments to you.

Expert care. Our doctors perform all cosmetic procedures at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care to ensure you get the benefit of their extensive training and expertise.

Timely service. We usually run on schedule. You'll rarely have to sit long in our waiting room.

Compassionate care. Our warm and caring support staff is committed to creating the best possible patient experience for you-every visit.

Call 973-731-9600 or send an email from the Contact Us page to book a consultation with New Jersey's skin experts at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care. We'll help you look, and feel, your best!