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Help for sweat in New Jersey

Are you bothered by your underarm sweat? Do you frequently apply antiperspirant? Are you frustrated over constantly ruining clothes? Are you worried about underarm sweat outbreaks? miraDry® at New Jersey’s Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care can help make embarrassing sweat a thing of the past. Learn more about how to manage your underarm sweating with this nonsurgical treatment that provides lasting results.*

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The noninvasive miraDry® is an FDA-approved medical device that destroys sweat glands with electromagnetic energy to reduce the amount of sweat produced. The FDA also approved it in 2015 to reduce underarm hair of all colors, making it the first such device that can disable sweat- and odor-producing glands while also halting unwanted hair growth. This is why miraDry® is sometimes referred to as miraSmooth®.

How miraDry® Works


Only approximately 2 percent of the body's more than 4 million sweat glands are located in the underarm area. Disabling them does not negatively impact your body's natural cooling abilities.


For millions of Americans, excessive underarm sweat (hyperhidrosis) is a daily struggle. It can cause anxiety at work, embarrassment in relationships and social settings, or frustration over having to wear clothes that hide the unwanted moisture. Excessive sweating can have devastating effect on a person's emotional well-being and self-image. miraDry® is suitable for any adult who wants to treat hyperhidrosis, as well as any individual who would like to reduce underarm sweating or odor—even if it is considered a typical amount.

Individuals dealing with the challenges of sweating may be hesitant or embarrassed to ask questions they have about their problem or its solution. The team at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care understands that hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), osmidrosis (excessive odor), and their symptoms can be delicate topics for many patients. It is imperative for our patients to be well-informed and have all their questions answered to make them feel at ease and as confident in their decision as they can be. With this in mind, each consultation is conducted with sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and discretion.


miraDry® physically eliminates the sweat glands in question. These sweat glands don't grow back once eliminated, resulting in a dramatic and lasting reduction of underarm sweat and odor. The electromagnetic energy it delivers can also destroy hair follicles.

Get rid of unwanted sweat glands with miraDry at New Jersey's Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care.
A miraDry® treatment at New Jersey's Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care offers permanent sweat reduction. Focused heat energy targets unwanted glands, leaving other tissues unharmed.*

miraDry® at a Glance

  • miraDry® is for adults who want to reduce sweating, odor, hair, or all of the above in the underarm area
  • Treatments are noninvasive and last only about an hour
  • After two treatments, underarm sweat can drop by more than 80 percent
  • Side effects are minimal and temporary

*Patient results may vary


There are no surgical incisions or cuts during this procedure. The miraDry® system uses Miramar Labs' proprietary miraWave energy, delivering electromagnetic microwaves that can specifically target and disable sweat and odor glands in the underarm. This energy is precisely controlled and delivered using a handheld piece, the end of which is covered with a disposable, sterile miraDry® bioTip that snaps onto the hand piece to provide maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

You will be in a reclined position for most, if not all, of the treatment session.

The doctor will customize treatment for each underarm area, with multiple placements of the miraDry® hand piece. Once the treatment areas are determined, the miraDry® provider will mark the underarm area with a temporary template that shows precisely where to activate the miraDry® device.

Local anesthesia (usually via lidocaine injections) is administered to the underarm areas to minimize any discomfort. A soothing cooling gel may be applied to further protect the skin. The hand piece is placed directly onto the skin where the sweat glands reside, directly lining up with a temporary treatment template applied to the underarm. Once the hand piece is activated, there may be a slight feeling of suction as the skin and glands are pulled closer to the surface for the best possible effect.

The entire treatment session usually takes about an hour. Most miraDry® patients at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care have said that they experience little to no discomfort during the treatment sessions.*

While some patients may only need one treatment session, two or three treatments spaced out over three months may be recommended for maximum results.*


There is minimal to no downtime*. A mild, over-the-counter pain medication and the use of ice packs for a day or two after the treatment may be recommended to treat any pain. There should be no delay in returning to work and normal activities immediately following the procedures, and exercise can usually resume within several days. Some localized soreness or swelling is normal and typically resolves within a few weeks. Redness and tenderness are also normal and temporary side effects. Numbness and tingling in the upper arm or armpit may occur, which may last for about five weeks before resolving.

While a small amount of sweating may return two to three weeks after a session, this is only due to the dissipation of post-treatment swelling.

Learn more about what miraDry® from New Jersey's Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care could do for you if you suffer from hyperhidrosis. Call 973-731-9600 to learn more.


Most patients report a dramatic reduction of their sweat. A recent clinical study showed an 82 percent reduction in underarm sweat after two miraDry® treatments. The average antiperspirant can only reduce sweat by a fraction of that amount.

The reduction in sweat will begin soon after your miraDry® treatment in New Jersey, and the results are lasting because the sweat glands do not come back or regenerate after they are disabled. The body contains more than four million sweat glands, with only two percent located in the underarms, so losing this two percent will not affect compensatory sweating (perspiring from other parts of the body) or thermoregulation (the body's ability to cool itself).

The amount of sweat reduction you desire should be discussed with your miraDry® provider. As with any procedure, results will vary from patient to patient.


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If you are looking for a comprehensive treatment plan to help you look and feel your best, Dr. Deborah Spey and the team at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care would be happy to recommend your best options, and help you create a customized and complementary course of treatments for your unique needs and desired results.

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