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Juvederm® in New Jersey

Learn About This Hyaluronic Acid-Based Filler for Patients in Caldwell, Florham Park, Chatham, Livingston, and Beyond


A smooth face is a youthful face. That's the premise behind Juvederm® facial fillers.

Women and men in their teens and 20s have soft and unlined faces. Over time, repeated facial movements, gravity, and the sun, combined with age-related loss of subcutaneous fat and thinning of the skin, cause wrinkles and deeper lines to appear, particularly around the nose and mouth, making you look older. Juvederm®, at New Jersey's Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care, instantly softens these lines and wrinkles. Our team strives for natural-looking restoration with facial fillers, not exaggerated results. With just one treatment, you'll instantly appear younger and refreshed—and never "overdone."

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How does Juvederm® facial filler work?

Juvederm® is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the skin. When injected into the skin, it safely and effectively replaces lost fat to restore a youthful fullness to the face.

Over time, the body metabolizes the filler, causing a gradual reduction in the results. Numerous studies and years of use by satisfied patients have proven the safety and efficacy of Juvederm®, which remains one of the most popular fillers available today.

Where does Juvederm® work?



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Juvederm® is used to correct moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds. It may be used to smooth out:

  • Smile lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Marionette lines
  • Vertical lip lines
  • Corner lines

These treatment areas are focused on the area around the mouth, a very active part of the face—and one that draws a lot of attention. Even a few subtle changes to the skin in this region can create a rejuvenated, refreshed look that "takes years off" of your appearance. The key is in the precision of the injections, handled by a professional who truly understands the nature of Juvederm® and how it interacts with existing features and structures to create the desired results.

Juvéderm® treats New Jersey patients' smile, marionette, vertical lip, and corner lines.
Juvederm® TREATMENT AREAS - There are four primary areas on the face a member of the Advanced Dermatology and Skin Care team can target with Juvederm®. New Jersey patients seeking to temporarily reduce moderate to severe facial folds can receive Juvederm® for their 1) smile lines, which run from the sides of the nose to the sides of the mouth (giving them the technical name of "nasolabial folds"), 2) marionette lines, which run downward from the sides of the mouth, 3) vertical lip lines, which are shorter and radiate straight from the mouth, and 4) corner lines, which spread from the edges of the mouth, typically due to sun exposure or smoking. Learn more about Juvederm® from New Jersey's Dr. Deborah Spey and Dr. Rachael Hartman and our staff at Advanced Dermatology and Skin Care.*

Why would I need Juvederm®?

While hyaluronic acid is common in youthful skin, it diminishes over time due to the natural aging process and damaging environmental factors.

The crucial component to healthy skin has several functions, but its most important is arguably keeping skin moist and pliant. When present in adequate amounts, this means skin is resilient, round, soft, pleasantly plump, and smooth. As hyaluronic acid disappears, skin dries out, leading to wrinkles, lines, and hollows.

Since hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring chemical, Juvederm® and other injectables based on the same formula bring all of those benefits back, safely and subtly. It also works to address cosmetic problems attributed to a loss of other vital elements in the skin, including fat and collagen, by softening harsh contours.



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How do I know if Juvederm® is right for me?

Everyone's skin ages differently, which is why it's important to have options. We achieve beautiful results with the smooth consistency of Juvederm®, but we also use other facial fillers, including, Restylane®, Perlane®, and Radiesse®, depending on the patient. We will create a customized treatment plan to help you get a natural-looking result.

Beyond fillers, Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care also offers the wrinkle-smoothing BOTOX® Cosmetic, and Dysport® which prevent targeted muscles from contracting and revealing creases in the forehead and fine lines next to either eye. This is obviously a different mechanism than used by Juvederm®. These injectables are compatible, and their complementary cosmetic benefits can be discussed at your consultation.

Other wrinkle-fighting options include laser skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation. In addition to smoothing out fine lines, the light-based options can also help to improve texture and sun damage. The resurfacing treatment, in particular, can even out pigmentation problems, including redness and brown spots.

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What can I expect during my treatment?

Juvederm® injections at our New Jersey office are performed with an ultra-fine needle to minimize the discomfort. A topical numbing cream can also be applied prior to your treatment. Like many fillers, Juvederm® is specially formulated with lidocaine (a type of anesthetic) to improve comfort during treatment. If they feel discomfort, patients tend to describe the feeling as a slight pinch.

The injection session itself typically takes less than half an hour. Following the injections, Dr. Spey or Dr. Rachael Hartman may gently massage the treated areas and apply a cool compress to reduce swelling. By the next day, most patients are able to resume normal activities.

You may experience pain, tenderness, redness, swelling, bruising, firmness, itching, discoloration, and/or bumps at the injection sites. Usually mild to moderate in nature, these reactions typically clear up on their own within a week or so.

The procedure is quick and easy. The results are immediate!

Who can administer Juvederm®?

Many people may offer Juvederm® to patients seeking a rejuvenated look, but not every provider is equipped with the same knowledge or experience.

When choosing an injector, be sure to pick someone who can answer all of your questions to your satisfaction and who will be open and honest about their history with facial fillers in general and Juvederm® in particular.

At Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care, doctors perform the cosmetic treatments, so you know that your injector is certified and held to exceedingly high medical standards. The entire staff is committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment that allows for patients to receive treatments intended to yield the best results possible.

The team also emphasizes getting a complete picture before moving forward with one particular treatment. A change in one area can impact the look of another area, since all of the parts of a face are connected and impact each other. Our injectors carefully plan each treatment with an eye for its immediate specific results, as well as its long-term benefits and potential ongoing maintenance.



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Is Juvederm® the same as VOLUMA®?

Both Juvederm® and VOLUMA® are made by the same manufacturer and use hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient to give faces a more youthful look. The two injectables have some differences, however, that distinguish them.

As explained above, Juvederm® is ideal for filling in wrinkles and folds, giving skin a smoother, unlined appearance. VOLUMA® has a formulation best suited for adding volume to larger areas—namely, the apple of the cheek. The volume restores a soft roundness to the face, while also providing a subtle lift to tissues that may have flattened and sagged due to the loss of natural volumizers in the skin.

The Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care team can help each patient determine which product is best suited for his or her unique aesthetic needs. A treatment plan can be customized to include the careful application of one product, the other, or both, all while taking several possible treatments into account as well. The end results, with healthy and satisfied patients enjoying beautiful new contours, are what matter most.

There is also a form of hyaluronic acid-based filler called Restylane Silk® specifically intended for adding volume to lips that could use a boost in volume.

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What does a Juvederm® treatment cost in New Jersey?

Some patients may want only a single treatment session to address their marionette lines, while others may establish an ongoing regimen to routinely correct a variety of folds and wrinkles with Juvederm®. Since every patient is different and will require a unique plan, complete with a customized amount of filler, the question of cost is best discussed at your personalized consultation. The conversation will take into account the anticipated number of syringes necessary to achieve the desired results, as well as potential future maintenance visits.

How long will the results of my treatment last?

Many patients at our New Jersey practice experience results that last up to a year with one Juvederm® treatment. Maintenance may be required to achieve optimal results and to touch up your new look. Note that after a year, less Juvederm® is often required to produce the same results enjoyed after the initial injections.

Individual bodies and lifestyle choices impact the longevity of each injection, but one way to give yourself the best chance for the longest-lasting results is to choose a provider who is intimately familiar with the injectable and how to use it. An expert injector can maximize the benefits by using the most up-to-date techniques and applying a deep understanding of skin.

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