Vanquish ME in New Jersey

Eliminate Your Love Handles

eliminate love handlesWhile diet and exercise effectively work to improve health and reduce fat, the problem with these strategies is that they can't always get rid of fat everywhere you want it gone. Despite your best efforts, stubborn pockets may remain, keeping you from enjoying sleek, slim contours. Vanquish ME at New Jersey's Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care is the solution for anyone looking to eliminate their persistent love handles or belly fat.

Vanquish ME permanently removes fat cells by destroying them with heat. The process is quick and easy, and leads to satisfying results. Because of its completely noninvasive application, it is often chosen by people who want to get rid of fat, but who want to avoid the surgical route offered by liposuction.

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How Does Vanquish ME Work?

Vanquish ME is a sophisticated system that can identify fatty tissue and specifically target it with thermal energy. When a significant amount of heat reaches the precisely chosen area, it triggers what is known as apoptosis, the scientific term for the process fat cells go through as they die off and are eliminated from the body. Surrounding tissues are left unharmed.

Vanquish ME™ is ideal for reducing fat at the midsection without surgery in New Jersey.
The Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care team uses the nonsurgical Vanquish ME at their New Jersey practice to destroy unwanted fat cells with heat. Areas to be treated include the abdomen (where a bulging belly can form) and flanks (prone to love handles).

Vanquish ME results in permanent fat destruction in the treated areas. Once the fat cells are destroyed and removed, they can no longer contribute to a flabby appearance. This is in contrast to fat cells that shrink due to lifestyle changes, but that can return to a larger size if given the opportunity. Furthermore, once fat cells are destroyed, they cannot regenerate.

Vanquish ME Details

The Vanquish ME device is designed to surround a patient's midsection, covering but not touching the abdomen and both flanks. This allows for circumferential reduction, eliminating fat in a larger area to save time and yield consistent results.

A single treatment session lasts about 45 minutes. Patients may experience some mild redness and tenderness for up to several hours after their visit, but this will fade.

Since every patient is different, the Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care team will work with you during your consultation to determine the best course of action and scope of treatment necessary to give you the shapely new look you're aiming for.

Most typically, the desired change comes after four to six Vanquish ME sessions, each spaced a week or two apart. Results may be apparent as soon as a few days after the second session, though contours will continue to improve for months after the treatments end.

Since Vanquish ME is a radiofrequency device, it can also tighten skin in the treated areas, unlike many other fat reducing devices which cannot tighten skin as well.

A Fat-Reducing Option for the Face

While you are slimming down your belly and flanks with Vanquish ME, you may also want to reveal more defined contours on your face. Kybella® also destroys fat cells, but does so by dissolving them with deoxycholic acid. This treatment is intended only for submental fat, which is the culprit behind the dreaded double chin.

Neither of these fat-reducing treatments should be chosen as a weight-loss method. They are for aesthetic contouring only.

Patients who have fat removed via Vanquish ME, Kybella®, other methods are encouraged to eat well, exercise, and maintain their goal weight. Weight gain and the accumulation of fat in other areas is still possible.

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