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Lose Your Double Chin

A double chin can be a frustrating thing, especially when even diet and exercise won’t make it go away. For anyone facing this situation, there's Kybella®. New Jersey patients looking for a non-surgical solution for their submental fat problems can find the treatment at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care.

Kybella® works by dissolving the fat that causes a double chin. It is a fast, minimally invasive option that creates permanent results.

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How Does Kybella® Work?

The active ingredient in Kybella® is deoxycholic acid, which is found naturally in the body, where it serves to break down dietary fat. When injected with precision into key locations on the neck, under the chin, it can selectively disrupt the fat cells there.

Once the unwanted cells are destroyed, the fat they contain is released to be processed and eliminated from the body. These cells will not reform or regrow, as they are completely destroyed by the acid.

This is very different from the effects of dieting, which, where successful, merely shrinks large fat cells. Given the right conditions, these cells can enlarge again—and sometimes, as noted above, they may not shrink at all in the first place.

Kybella® injections at New Jersey's Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care are all made below the chin.
Kybella® Injection Site
The FDA has approved Kybella® to treat submental fat, found below the chin. New Jersey patients will find that Dr. Rachael Hartman at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care will focus solely on that area, making up to 50 injections that target the unwanted fat cells that cause a double chin.

Kybella® Details

A treatment session can include up to 50 injections in the target area. The trained and experienced Advanced Dermatology team tailors the amount of Kybella® used to the patient, typically completing a single session in a less than half an hour. Many patients find that they get the results they have been seeking after two to four treatments, spaced six weeks apart. The breakdown and elimination process takes weeks, so the double-chin-reducing effect will be a gradual, but ultimately noticeable, one.

Common side effects, which are temporary, include issues common to injectable treatments of all kinds: swelling, bruising, redness, or discomfort at the injection site. While other effects are possible, you can discuss the excellent Kybella® safety record (and answers to any other questions you may have) at your consultation.

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A Fat-Reducing Option for the Body

Patients reducing their double chin with Kybella® may want to consider fat reduction elsewhere, too. Vanquish® is a treatment that uses heat energy to melt fat away on the abdomen. This method destroys fat cells that cause love handles. Similar to stubborn submental fat, these cells fat may be diet resistant.

Neither of these fat-reducing treatments should be chosen as a weight-loss method. They are for aesthetic contouring only.

More Than Kybella®

Skin tightening with the Titan® laser can address loose tissue that sags and creates jowls. This is not caused by excess fat, but by volume loss and skin laxity. Kybella® can get rid of surplus fat cells, while laser energy can stimulate new collagen growth and provide firmer, sleeker skin.

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